Last update: June 6, 2024               
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Sinus Plus Virtual Organ V2.0

This is not another Hammond B3 Simulation, as i told you one year before, with the 1st version of this Instrument.

This is my latest project and it is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Yes it is still, only, as a 32 BIT VST plugin available. Maybe my last project in 32 BIT. We will see!

I give you 32 sounds as an Example of what this Instrument can do. The rest is your work and believe me it can do a lot more.
You can make it sound like a Home Organ of the seventies - eighties, like a WERSI, like a Boehm, like an Electone, like a Crumar or like a Transistor Organ.
The Sine Oscillators were completely remade and the instrument can sound like a Euro Organ or like any other Organ. It depends on you and it is possible. There is even a simple Phase Distortion Synthesizer for your solo sounds, your Brass and Strings sounds, your Pads, your E-Pianos your Sound Effects and more. The Key Click lets you imitate the key noise of the US Tonewheel Organ, the Vibrato/Chorus Effect, the Reverb, the excellent Rotary Speaker Clone (completely new) and more other settings will help you to create the Sound you want.

Do not forget the instrument is 100% FREE and so do not ask for more!

download: VST 32Bit